Canadian handcrafted log homes, post and beam log homes, and timber frame homes

Ready Made Log, Post & Beam and Timber Frame Homes

Our Ready Made building system for log houses, post and beam homes, and timber frame homes is designed to make it easy to install our product and perform the finished carpentry. Here are just a few things we do to ensure you benefit from exceptional quality and value:

Post and Beam Construction         Double groove posts for quick and weather-tight framing

In our cedar post & beam homes, timber frame homes and the roof systems in our log houses, we cut two grooves into the posts and the bottom-side of the beams. Exterior plywood and interior wall finish material is extended into this groove. The interior and exterior siding is quickly installed into the posts to reduce on-site labor costs. The grooving allows the posts to dry without leaving a gap between it and the drywall. Moreover, the groove on the exterior side of the post protects the building from gaps that could let light or water into your house. 

Cedar log home

Stain ready log work

Our project teams clean up burrs, cedar flared ends, scars, and knots in each log. We limit the use of sanders to ensure uniform colors across a log when they are stained. Logs are handled carefully and lifted with straps to avoid marking. They are also wrapped in plastic and covered with tarps for safe transportation to your site. As a result, you can quickly protect your logs with stain because the log work requires minimum clean-up. Restoration of poorly built post and beam homes or garages can amount to thousands of dollars.

Log cabin stain
Mildew and UV protection

During construction we use TimberPro Yard Guard and Clean and Brite for mildew and UV protection. This protects your log cabin, post and beam home, or timber frame home from UV damage and mildew.

log home builders diagram       
Easy and cost-effective installation

To save your general contractor time and save you money, we make it easy to install materials into your log cabin kit, post and beam house, or timber frame home. Floor joists are planned, not sawed, to create an even surface to lay flooring materials. Slots are cut where framing materials intersect roof beams, so they can quickly be connected. Kitchen walls can be flattened to save interior space and speed up installation time. We drill holes for electricity and cut recesses for electrical outlets. Slots are cut for interior partition walls as well as floor decking. Additionally, we cut our window and door trims to your manufacturers’ specs while accommodating future settling. Insulating SOF Seal P-gasket is preinstalled into your home’s lateral groves, and all the pieces are clearly labeled to reduce reassembly time -- key to reducing crane costs.

Timber frame joinery      
Checking protection

We wax the ends of your posts, beams and logs with Timber Pro wax to slow the drying time. Also, we kerf cut Douglas fir homes to reduce the amount of checking in the logs.

Douglas fir post and beam construction       
Tight grain wood extends the life of a home

We build our log houses, post and beam homes, and timber frame structures from tight grain Douglas fir and Western Red Cedar wood. The tight grain wood is attractive and, more importantly, holds up best against the elements. It also has a lower moisture content that minimizes checking as it dries. In the case of Western Red Cedar, its decay-resistant qualities only exist in old growth logs -- not second growth wood.

Considerations Specific to Post and Beam and Timber Frame Homes

Hybrid log homes       
Precise joinery for strength and aesthetics

We believe your living experience is impacted in part through how your log work joins. Given it's the fine cuts that turn a necessary joint into a beautiful feature in your home, we build your post and beam or timber frame home joints to within 1/25th inch tolerance. Dove tail joints are tapered and precise mortise machines are used to create mortise and tenon connections. Locking lap joints hold beams firmly together.

 Timber frame construction

Sill anchoring system for quick and sturdy Installation

As part of the reassembly, we install 5½ x 5½-inch Yellow Cedar timber sills on top of your sub-floor or concrete foundation. A gasket is installed under your sills to protect it from moisture. Your general contractor only needs to provide anchor bolts along the perimeter of the foundation. Because foundations are inevitably uneven, our system allows us to quickly set level foundation heights for the posts and make your structure perfectly square for framing. From corner to corner, we can be within an 1/8th inch. This accurate system is an effective solution if you want to install structurally insulated panels for walls. Additionally, it’s effective for earth quake regions that need strong structures and foundations made of concrete. Also, this system doesn’t require the general contractor to frame special boxes for tenon joints.

Log post       
Knife plate anchoring system for concrete foundations

One superior method of anchoring posts to concrete slabs is the HILTI R500 epoxy system. This engineered system is a robust way to secure posts to a foundation. Houses in earth quake zones or large posts benefit the most from this system. Also, this system doesn’t rely on the contractor to install threaded bolts into the exact spot or get the post beam or timber frame home’s foundation perfectly level.

Benefit from a Quality Log, Post and Beam, or Timber Frame Home

You can view our floor plans, show homes or learn more about us. Or, if you’re ready to discuss your future timber or log house, please contact us.


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