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Log Home Construction Using Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar trees are indigenous to North America’s Pacific Northwest region. The Western Red Cedar is also the “official” tree of British Columbia, Canada, which recently welcomed the world at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

For centuries the Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations people have revered the Western Red Cedar as the “Tree of Life” utilizing Red Cedar to make everything from totem poles, canoes and longhouses to baskets and clothing.

Brian Moore Log Homes specializes in creating custom Handcrafted Log Homes, Post & Beam Log Homes and Dovetail Log Homes made from hand hewn, slow growth Western Red Cedar logs.
The Aesthetics of Western Red Cedar
Most buyers of Red Cedar log homes are attracted to the natural beauty of the exposed heartwood. It is visually stunning softwood with a lasting aroma. Its warm cinnamon-red and deep amber color tones help accentuate the incredible beauty of the uniform, richly textured wood grains.
   Western Red Cedar Handcrafted Log Home

The base of Western Red Cedar logs are often irregularly flared and may be utilized in the construction of Handcrafted Cedar Log Homes to create unique log accents in support beams and posts for living areas.

Properties of Western Red Cedar Logs

The distinctive chemical properties of Western Red Cedar are what elevate this remarkable softwood above other softwoods used in Handcrafted Log Home Construction.

The heartwood of slow growth Western Red Cedar logs; 

  • Are naturally resistant to moisture, wood rot and decay
  • Are less susceptible to insect damage
  • Have less moisture content which reduces checking and settling issues.  Log cabins made from cedar will shrink 2% radially in comparison to Douglas fir which shrink 6%.
  • Provide the best R-value or U-value with exceptional thermal insulating properties
  • Are outstandingly stable over great lengths
Benefits of Western Red Cedar
Red Cedar is exceptional softwood with many unique physical properties that make it ideal for handcrafted log home construction. Western Red Cedar is lightweight, extremely durable and very easy to work with. Here are some additional benefits of using Western Red Cedar for building log homes.

 Cedar log homes;

  • Age gracefully and naturally when properly finished and maintained
  • Are easily stained and finished (cedar wood is naturally free of pitch)
  • Will last indefinitely when constructed under “Good Building Practices”
  • Do not need to be kiln dried or heat treated for import to Europe
Western Red Cedar Facts
Slow growth, mature Western Red Cedar trees live for hundreds of years and reach heights of nearly 200 feet with a base trunk diameter of up to 8 feet across.
Western Red Cedar Trees
As Western Red Cedar trees age they become
increasingly stable. The outer heartwood and sapwood become the most durable, developing high resistance against shrinkage, swelling, warping and splitting (checking), which are common concerns with other types of logs used in log home construction such as Douglas Fir, Engleman Spruce or Pine.

Growing in the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest the Western Red Cedar is well acclimatized and impervious to the most adverse weather conditions. In fact, North American building codes allow the use of Western Red Cedar for exterior use without requiring kiln drying or heat treating.
Cedar Log Homes Are Generational Homes

Cedar log homes provide the home owner with a lifetime of low maintenance, luxurious log home living. For many, their Western Red Cedar log home has become a part of their family heritage; destined to be passed on from generation to generation.

Ask Us About Handcrafted Western Red Cedar Log Homes
For over three decades Brian Moore Log Homes have specialized in custom, handcrafted log home construction for clients throughout the United States, Canada, Japan and Europe. Our portfolio includes over 300 projects ranging from log home retreats to commercial log buildings as large as 11,000 square feet.

Ask us about handcrafted Cedar Log Home Plans, Post & Beam Log Home Plans and Dovetail Log Home Plans. We also build custom Timber Frame Homes.

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